Kamikoto knife

Kamikoto is a high-end Japanese company who manufactures knives. I am sure some of you have seen these knives online when you are just milling about. The question remains: How good are they? Are they worth the price the company charges you?

Time to find out!

It all depends on what you want or need them for. They are excellent products to showcase. The functionality and the aesthetics are top-of-the-line.

We did a comparison with these knives versus some of the other more traditional knives on the market.

Kamikoto knife kitchen

Reviewer #1:

“These knives are great if you want to impress people. I have a neighbor who likes to impress everyone else with all the wonderful things she has. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. That is just the way she is. She bought a few of these knives and the rest is history. Everyone in the neighborhood has been asking her how they can get a set for themselves. I admit the knives are pretty impressive. They do wonderful work in the kitchen too. Would I pay what she did to get a set? Probably not, but that is because I already have some nice knives at home. They are some of the more worthwhile knives I have seen on the market in a long time, though.”

This is just one of the many glowing reviews we have received about these knives. The only downside that we have come across with the reviews is that they are very heavy. A Kamikoto knife is heavier than some of the more traditional knives Japan has come out with. That is not to say that is a bad thing. Some knives are heavier than others.

Kamikoto knives

Reviewer #2:

“Are you looking for a knife that works well when you cut vegetables or thick meats? This is the knife you want. You are not going to find a better knife on the market. These knives do the job beautifully and they are well-balanced. You will need to sharpen each knife, occasionally. That happens with every knife. There is nothing new there. Overall, this knife is worth the price you pay. It works great. It works better than some of the imported knives I have seen in a long while.”


It is worth it to have them in your kitchen, but not at the full price value. Those who cannot afford a set right now should wait for a sale. Buy them then. They work well for those who need them to cook, or if you want to just show them off.